Thursday, March 21, 2013

Staff Quarter's for Teacher's of a Tribal School

Teachers Housing units, for 'Eklavya Tribal School', Vankua, Gujrath

The school is run by 'Muni Sewa Ashram', Goraj; a globally acknowledged charitable institution working in the area of healthcare and education, for over three decades now. The organization is respected for its dedication to the cause and providing excellent services to the needy and those in distress.

Its a complete house, with one hall, a dining, kitchen and bedroom with attached toilet. The house ad-measures approximately 600 Sq ft in built-up area.

The site is a long stretch / piece of land sandwitched between a row of coconut tress, fully grown and beautiful. The houses are oriented East-west, with the front facing the east. The houses recieve an ample shade from coconut trees, during most of the time of the day.

The attempt in design and execution of the building-unit has been to build something which is simple yet an enchanting place for those who are living in here. First of the four unts is nearing completion and we feel / believe that we have been successful in achieveing to a great extent in what we started out to in the first place.

Here we share some of the first few images of the house nearing completion,

One of the interesting feature of this project has been the joinery that we have used in the building of these houses. The joints are simple, done neatly and have come out to be elegant in character.

The Verandah and hall during Night-time.

Students from the school participating in the process:
Children have an innate curiosity for a very act of building, and it is something they are drawn to naturally. The project site is within school campus, so during the evenings, children flock around the project site and observe the construction with keenness.

Sometimes they would be enthused to participate and do something with their hands. Some of the students coming from tribal family background have a sense of creation which is fearless, something which comes out in the bold lines, distinctive forms.

Children enjoy the very act of creation, and these children have a natural flair to draw and paint. It has been indeed such a pleasure working here.

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