Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Terrace-Top Structure at HSR Layout

The installation and erection of Terrace-top structure at HSR Layout was completed on Friday, 23rd January.
The overall construction has come out really well. Herewith we post some of the images of the completed structure for those who would be interested in the works at Wonder Grass.
The Succesful installation of the structure at HSR layout has demonstrated the efficacy and effectiveness of the modular building system we have developed specially for such applications in Urban areas like Bangalore.

Some systems were improvised and some devised to address some site-specific demands of the structure.
We devised a very interesting panel-system for laying Mangalore-Pattern tiles above bamboo structure. A Panel of the size of 5' X 6' made from woodan-battens is manufactured on ground and then laid above the roofing understructure, it standardizes the process and brings in efficiency.
The structure is generating a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm in the nearby vicinity.

Monday, January 19, 2009

House for Mr. Sanjay Jairam

We recently completed a small housing unit for Mr. Sanjay Jairam on his farm on Magadi road. The farm is about 35 kms from Bangalore on Bangalore - Magadi Road.

We built 2 structures, one is 15' X 20', which is used primarily for living quarter and a smaller structure 14' X 9', to be used as sit-out and open kitchen.

Here we have experimented with our Prefab building system for Standard Dwelling unit for Rural applications, 12' X 27'. The structure uses a standard conventional Plinth (using Stone and Mortar), Bamboo structure, Modular bamboo panels, and Bamboo Mat corrugated sheets as roof.

The bamboo wall panels are plastered with Mud and Cement.
The structure has come out to our satisfaction, it looks very interesting, well proportioned and has a pleasing aesthetics.

There are few details that needs our immediate attention and concern. There are some corner junctions, the junction between roof and wall, the gable-end opening needs to be designed better.

Our client, Mr. Sanjay and Aparna were very cooperative, they have been helpful and helping us in logistics, support on-site etc. The site or location of the project is breathtaking. we had amazing experience of staying and working there.