Monday, May 26, 2008

Roofing structure at Farm house

Roof structure addition at the farmhouse, Bagluru

Client: Mr. NS Raghavan
Architect: Ar. Nilay Patalia

A roofing structure was added above an existing polycarbonate roof at the farmhouse, in Jain farms, Bagluru. The primary purpose of the structure was to cut-off extra light and heat that was coming through polycarbonate roofing and to act as a screen.

The salient features of this structure are,
1. We have been able to achieve relatively large spans of 27 feet using lattice bamboo beam. The beam is not carrying any live or dynamic load on top, yet to be able to sustain a self-weight and some dead-load of the panels, its performing really well.

2. The Panels, which primarily act as screen have come out pretty well in terms of its quality of construction.

3. The Work was completed in the span of 18 days, from the day of arrival of material on site.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Wonder Grass is an Entrepreneurial initiative that strives to bring Bamboo based building system in the mainstream of construction-industry. The aim is to provide a complete ‘End-to-end’ solution to a consumer in ‘One-stop-shop’ format, making it an easy and enjoyable experience to build with bamboo.

Wonder Grass is conceived to;
+ Scale-up the operations and cater to large volumes,
+ Provide on-call, efficient ‘Building-services’ and ingenious ‘Building-products’
+ Achieve Cost-effective and competent Building-technology with bamboo.

Wonder-Grass, a novel venture proposes to bridge the gap between the Demand for Building-systems (Dwelling-units) and Building material resource, Bamboo.

An ‘Enterprise’, which will put in place a whole set of backward and forward linkages that will address and provide for the housing-needs of rural and urban India, enabling and ensuring the most appropriate use of bamboo, as building material.