Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beach - Front restaurant at Goa

Work at the Farhenite resorts, Goa is coming along well. This is a project where we can showcase bamboo in a more contemporary form than the way it has been used to build beach-shacks in Goa. We are ercting a Bamboo green-wall, a Kitchen and a Dining area.
The Bamboo-wall is almost complete as can be seen in images above. The sloping terrain added to the verity of wall, and created nice stepped-pattern.
Kitchen with a backdrop of palm-trees sits appropriately in the landscape.
The structure s designed and built such that it can be dismantled, stacked every season depending on requirement.

A complete Housing Unit - Typology for Rural areas

Bamboo House is almost complete now, thanks to a proposed visit by a client from Mumbai, that we decided to make it a deadline to complete the house in its totality, along with basic landscape, and other aspects too.
It is to the credit of Ar. Bela, who has recetly joined Wonder Grass team to work as part of Design team, Sandip and Vasanta (artisan at Peth) to complete the house in time for the client visit.
The outcome has been truly exciting for us all. The house feels just like any other house, even though built almost entirely with bamboo, with everyone who is visiting is now talking about and notice finishes, the junction and construction quality, more than house built with bamboo.
This we believe is a good step forward, from being a bamboo house it is moving towards just being a house. Client visit helped us understand what any client will expect if this has to be viewed from a persepctive of a client who wants to 'pay' for the house.
There are areas where we need to improve upon construction system, the gaps and junctions where we still further refnement and development of construction methods. This can very well be termed as first generation house with bamboo, which will evolve as we work further.
The house is now ready for application in the market. If you need one, do let us know!!