Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kopai-Resort project - presentation stage

Visit to Kopai resort project-site was really interesting. Presentation to the client-team went well and client in principal has given a go-ahead for the project.

The project has been split into two phases, this gives us flexibility in terms of allocating the resources in developing part of the premise completely and bring it into operations, and then we move onto the remaining part of project.

phase-I = It involves construction of 4 individual cottages, 8-guest-rooms, part of the elevated path-way which connects all the rooms, Common-amenities block which has Kitchen-Restaurant-Administration and Reception facility.

phase-II = It involves construction of 8-guest rooms, common amenities like parking structures, gazebo's, Waste-water treatment, landscaping, water-harvesting structures etc.

The Phase distribution of project-cost is
phase-I = 75 Lakh Rs.
phase -II = 30 Lakh Rs.