Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Terrace-top Structure for Ms. Gayatri, Bangalore

Following our learnings and understanding of modular built-solution for terrace-top structures, semi-open structures, we are now working on the project for Ms. Gayatri.

The structure is part of the pent-house owned by Ms. Gayatri, at Jainagar, Bangalore. It is her firm belief and conviction about sustainable building systems that has driven Gayatri to go for Bamboo-based building solution even though economicaly it works out slighly more that conventional structures.

The whole project proceeded really fast, we are already on the execution mode. A team of artisans would be starting the work on site from Wednesday, 29th April.

A Bamboo-Screen for Mr. Vikram Reddy's Residence

A Bamboo-screen on the lines of what we did at Anand-Niketa school at Ahmedabad, is been proposed at the upcoming residence for Mr. Vikram Reddy, Bangalore.

Bamboo-screen will be almost 12 feet high and 120 feet long. The primary objective is to provide a visual barrier beteen neighbouring houses.
A standard panel 3' X 6' is a base unit which is fixed onto the bamboo-lattice columns placed at intervals.

The bamboo-screen forms a contineous feature along the exterior boundary of the house, appearing at places, in different sizes, but similar pattern.