Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ready-to-assemble structural system

The work on modular structure has led us to develop, prototype and test the structural system which would come as a kit-of-parts that could be easily transportable and assembled on site with relative ease.

Ravi has put in lot of work to make this idea of modular structure a possibility. we understand that this is the first attempt and it will go through a series of refinements for it to become a really good product.

The first prototype is already in place at our workshop in Peth, Nagpur. Master artisan Prashant and Naresh bhau joined hands to complete the prototype against odds and difficulties. Vasantha made sure that we also have precast RCC pedestals to go along.

The work happening on the design and development of a modular building system in encouraging and exciting for all of us at Wonder Grass. we believe that if we continue working and developing it further we can certainly improve it immensely.

We are already processing initial inquiries with couple of enthusiastic clients.