Monday, March 30, 2009

A Bamboo Screen

Bamboo is a material with versatile applications in the construction industry.
When it comes to Construction - applications in urban context, we have been exploring verity of solutions and products to address some of the periphereal needs of an urban-user, be it an indivudual, an institutions or a corporate house.

Indian subcontinent is largely exposed to high temperatures in summers, from April to June, at some places like ahmedabad mercury touching 45'C. Urban buildings, now predominantly RCC-Steel-Cement-Aluco Bond, absorb large quantities f heat and inturn rediate it inside or to the surroundings.
Bamboo-screens can provide an excellent shade, giving a beatful aesthetic appeal and providing natural ventilation to the building. Bamboo screens from Wonder Grass come as a modular panels with simple joinery methods for on-site installations and assembly.

Bamboo-screens for Anand Niketan School at Ahmedabad.

Bamboo Screen at Bangalore:

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