Monday, June 15, 2009

Bamboo Structure in Cisco Campus at Bangalore

Structure at Cisco:
A complete building unit of 12'-6" X 22'-6" provided and erected in the span of 12 days at the Cisco Campus, Bangalore.

The opportunity to erect a finished bamboo structure using the prefab building systems developed inhouse at Wonder Grass in a relatively short span of time, was a challenge we at Wonder Grass decided to take on.

The project provided us with the opportunity to test the ability of our system to provide the built-solution to the best quality standard requirements of a corporate client like Cisco and to provide it in span of mere 12 days.

We initiated the project on 10th of may. The material reached the site on 15th May and the work was completed by 24th May.

The Features:
It is a combination of structural components made from a whole bamboo and infill wall panels made from Bamboo-Mat board. The Wall-panels are chiefly composed of 60mm Bamboo-EPS panel developed at Composite Technology Development Center, Bangalore.

The building-unit takes further our learning's of the application of modular building system using bamboo. It brings together the walling and structural applications composed primarily of bamboo-based materials. This is a particularly applicable in high end building demands like in Resort-cottages, weekend retreats etc.

Bamboo Screen at Mr. Vikram Reddy's Residence at Bangalore

A Bamboo screen on the lines of what we started of with at Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad has been erected at the residence for Mr. Vikram Reddy, near HAL airport, Bangalore.
The modular bamboo-panels are made from whole bamboo. The bamboo used is about 1.5" in Diameter and is treated and seasoned with standard treatment method. The Screens are coated with CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) for weather resistance.
The screen at the back is almost 100 feet long and about 12 feet high. The screen wall against the backdrop of the vegetation looks interesting and sits well in the surrounding.

The features:
The screen has 3 feet X 6 feet standard panels made of whole bamboo, which are then put together on the bamboo columns placed at equal intervals.


The Bamboo Screens are available in two different sizes. 3' X 6' and 2'-6" X 8'-0"
The screens are aestheticaly pleasant, environment friendly and easy to install.