Friday, March 15, 2013

BMW - Guggenheim Urban Lab Mumbai

Urban - Lab Mumbai ; The Making of 'Mother Lab' at Bhau Daaji Laad Museum, Mumbai

Client -  Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
project architect - Ar. Yoshi associates, Tokyo, Japan
Resident Architect - SDM Architect, mumbai
Structural consultants - Aarup consultants, Mumbai

The work was as fascinating and interesting as it could get. More than the final outcome or our work, which was primarily an exhibition set-up built and erected for an urban scale exhibition conceived and developed by Guggenheim Museum as 'Urban lab'.

The urban-lab is an interesting idea, more details of which could be found at the website

The project had a lot of learning's and take-away for Wonder Grass and its team, one of the most important yet the most invisible one was the opportunity to work with some really interesting, committed, focused individuals and organizations of international standing and repute.

In the hindsight, the project has been instrumental in bringing about some important changes in the way we  deliver our works / projects at Wonder Grass. Although the intentions to deliver a project on-time and to-the-satisfaction of clients is there, we probably fell short in the diligence and stamina to sustain our focus till the end of the project, which would affect some aspect of the project or other.

Our association with professionals, who were wonderful individuals as well, helped us bridge some of these gaps, and in-turn fired our imagination in many different ways.

Ar. Samir De'monte, who runs an architectural practice in Mumbai and Ar. Mirai Morita working with Ar. Yoshi at Tokyo, Japan participated. over-saw the process with diligence.

Ar. Mirai, spent whole 10 days at our workshop in a village Peth, near Nagpur to address and solve issues of fabrication-assembly and erection if any on the site itself. The ever vigilant, perfectionist by habit and hard-working Mirai became friends with the whole team quite fast.

Her presence and keen interest in the artisans helped boost the morale of the team a great deal.

Joinary; was one interesting part of this project, we employed primarily rope-based tying methids to secure various junction in the structure.

Assembly and erection of exhibition-structure at the project-site

Half-way through the assembly:
Exhibition projects are always executed under the pressure of time, It has its own energy, pressures and schedules with last minute problems to be solved.


Team enjoyed itself during the course of the whole project, specially the artisan team. It was good to see them enjoy the process

on right Yadav Kambli, Ashish, Jagdish Sahare, Mirai Morita, Vaibhav Kaley, Amol Ninave and Sachin Nikhare on extreme left

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