Monday, March 17, 2014

Looking Back Looking Ahead !!

Wonder Grass has had a wonderful journey so far, there have been many highs and some lows, but by far we have held our nerves and have been able to put things in fair order.

The third quarter of the year 2013-14 saw us hitting a bit of low, with no project in hand, and the two big ticket projects, which were completed during this period, the clients decided to hold the payments siting many unimaginable excuses and reasons.

We have been able to finish execution of a 'Gou-Darshan Shala' project for the Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam complex.

The Teacher's Housing and Principals office for a Eklavya Tribal school has been completed and handed over in the month of October' 14.

All in all the year so far has been fairly rewarding in terms of the stabilization of fabrication and installation processes for building-systems and technologies being developed by Wonder Grass. Especially the building system for one of our key product-line 'QuB - Cottage in a Box' has vastly improved.

We have also been been able to devote some time to redesign and standardize the Bamboo-Panels and shading systems product-offerings. The panels are better in design, detail as well as production-fabrication processes.

The last quarter, that is January 2014 onward has brought in some small but significant projects, which helped the organization and the team to keep the momentum going.

We worked on extension for office for Selco-Foundation, then worked on supply of treated-bamboo poles for project by Ar. Uday Andhare in Ahmadabad.

Our new team member, Mr. Samit Mukharjee who has been coordinating our efforts on marketing and sales, has been able to bring in and close two projects around Bhubneshwar. This is a good opening and beginning in the eastern region for Wonder Grass.

We are building two cottages each about 450 Sq ft for a project taken up by Sungreen Resorts private limited, on its property close to Konark. The other one is a Home office for  Forest department in Chandika Dampara forst range near Bhubneshwar.

As compared to our performance in the year 2012-13 we have slide down a bit, but the early signs for the year that is 2014-15 are very encouraging.

Specially encouraging is our recently developed building system for Workers Housing 'B-Hive', which is a modular and expandable living units for the Transit housing requirements on large scale infrastructure or building projects.

More about this Transit housing product line in the next blog-post.

We are also working on what we call Mobile-Toilet, which we see has a huge potential for usages and applications again in the transit settlements like Worker's Housing, large religious gatherings etc.