Friday, February 20, 2009

Residance for Mr. Sanjay Jayaram

The Residence for Sanjay, is now nearing completion. The beauty and character of the built-form has lot to do with the setting and its surrounding, rather than anything exceptional about the building itself. The best part of the buiilding i beleive is that it has been able to gel well with the site, and provide some amazing views.

All credit to Sanjay's perseverance and his faith in implementing bamboo-based building systems. All through the project, his support and help has helped us see through the project.
Appropriately, after bamboo-house Sanjay has now started work on Eco-San as sanitation unit near this house.

This house is in a way a pilot for the 'Rural housing model' that we have in mind. Implementation on site helped us understand and realize some design-shortfalls, junction-problems etc. We are committed to improving, refining and fine-tuning the system as we keep building with bamboo.