Thursday, June 5, 2008

Modular Structure
Works on the proposed modular structure is progressing well. we have been working on the joinary system using 2mm MS plate which will simplify and bring in a kind of standardization in the system.

Our project at T-Zed proved that the circular plate compliments well with the tubular form of bamboo and can evolve into a system with multiple permutation-combination.

Module size we have derived is 12' X 8', this came along keeping in mind the available roofing sheet size, the paneling sheet sizes like cement composite boards, the Bamboo Mat boards etc.

The efforts are on so as to attain dimensional coordination amongst the individual components of the module as well. The idea is that standardization in the component will simplify fabrication process as well it will bring efficiency in the prodiction.

The development of a modular structure which is capable of evolving into multiple building application in probably only the first step, and relatively simple one. The critical task is making this Kit into a 'Product'.

Structure; A Kit parts - Ready to Assemble
The approach we have is to treat this as a 'product'. Product is something which is available off-the-shelve, it is generic in nature and have multiple application within the broad field of applications.
The Kit we are proposing is also aimed to provide building solutions across the segments. The sectors we are hoping to target with this particular kit are

1. Terrace top extensions and additions
2. Sit-outs and semi-open spaces in weekend retreats, farm houses
3. Gazebo's, Green houses in Resorts and hospitality spaces

1. Construction companies like L&T, Sobha, GMR etc for the construction-workers quarters.
2. Semi-permanent housing for disaster affected regions.
3. Kiosks in rural and semi-urban areas, which have life span of 1-2 years.

We are working to erect first prototype structure towards the end of this month. The idea is to have a 4 day session where we would invite potential buyers.