Monday, March 18, 2013

Bamboo Bridge - Teamwork at Play

Building of a Bridge - Team-work all the way

What probably was the most important feature of this work is that it was a team effort that made this project a real possibility. The design evolved with the artisan team leading the way, and developing the initial form, details etc.
standing (from right) - Naresh Bhau, Vaibhav, Uttamrao, Suresh Sitting (from Left) - Pravin Bawane, Chhagan, Jairam bhau, Lalsingh, Maatin, Yadav kambli, lalman .  

After a first couple of days of the finalizing of the project by our client, the enormity of task at hand started to sink in my head that building a bamboo bridge is something easier said than done, and with no experience of building a structure of this size and scale, i started to feel a bit lost and pressed.

I shared this news with the team when we all sat together at our workshop in Peth, the excitement on their faces and thrill that we can try doing something like this was enough to make me feel confidant. And we began a very exciting journey over next 4 months of discovering our individual strengths as well as joy of working together as a team.

This was a time filled with lots of excitement, hard-work, experimentation, tight-schedules, glitches in delivery from vendors, failures of the structural members in loading tests, refining and redesigning the elements etc etc.

Design Team - Naresh bhau, Yogesh Tembhre, Yadav Kambli, Pravin Bawane,Nikhil shringarey, Lokesh Gaikwad, Jairam bhau, Sachin Nikhare,Vaibhav Kaley

Project management Team - Sandip Gadekar

On-site project coordination - Vedant Sathe

Execution Team -
Jairam bhau and Shaligram
Naresh bhau - Site supervision

Team Leads - Yadav kamdi, Yogesh Tembhre, Pravin Bawane, Maatin bete and Jairam bhau

Artisans in the execution group  

The fabrication of building components was carried out at our building-workshop at village peth. We did erect full-scale mock-ups of individual members to understand what would it actually mean to do the same on the site-conditions. In the course we did refine our fabrication and assembly sequences.

artisans - Sachin Nikhare, Vaibhav Moon, Ganesh, Sandip, Balaji, mangesh, Suraj telang, Sushil, Namdeo,
melghat group-  Suresh, Suka, Lalsingh, Lalman, Chhagan, Saheblal,


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